Who we are

Our attitude is College prep. Even though we are elementary schools we know that the basic building blocks for a college education must start there. Of course, the mind-set should start at home, and if it does not, we attempt to instill that.

Staff and Teachers

our founders

Twenty First Century Charter Schools, Inc. was founded on solid principles and desires by two amazing people who love learning and love our country. A pioneer in her field, Dr. Nancy Bennett shares with her husband the distinction of founding one of Arizona’s first charter schools. Dr. Bennett and Mr. Bennett designed the schools based on their philosophies of education in America. Their attitude and vision is college readiness and responsible citizenship.

Mr. Bennett (Lt. Col. Bennett) retired from the US Air Force in 1991. His career path allowed him to rub shoulders with people of many diverse backgrounds. Dr. Bennett was a special education teacher during her initial career. She too has worked with children and families from all walks of life. They know what America is made of, and are proud to be Americans. Arizona provided Dr. Bennett with the freedom to expand her ideas and explore a new frontier in which to pursue her dream of developing schools. Her hope for the students of Bennett Academy is that they will also have the tools and education to bring their own dreams to fruition.