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K-9 Officer Visit

Our 3rd and 4th grade students loved meeting a special new friend on May 4th. Officer Beltran of the Phoenix Police Department arranged for our students to experience what it is like to work with a canine designed to detect bombs and other explosives.  Wow!  It was fascinating!  Salsa, the dog, was extraordinarily friendly and hard working.  Many were surprised when she came in since they were expecting to see a German Shepherd or Doberman, and she was a German Shorthaired Pointer!  She had a keen nose, knew exactly what to do and went quickly to work. Did you know that bomb dogs sniff and sniff diligently until they find what will earn them their reward?  Well we didn’t either; but Salsa was well-trained and taught us a lot about obedience and staying on task to complete something important.  Thank you Phoenix Police Department Transit Unit and Officer Beltran for bringing Salsa to visit Bennett Academy!

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